MapScaler (for Unreal Tournament)

Lets you scale your map

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Key features:



Note 1: Most of the checkboxes (like Scale Level, Undo, Redo etc.) won't be shown as ticked ever.
Note 2: Keep in mind, that some lighting properties are also scaled. Always check the scaling properties

Native support:

In order to fully scale every scale-able and noticeable properties of some actors, the MapScaler has to use a native plugin. The engine does not support changing some properties from the Blueprint context, thus the native plugin features some methods to changes these from the MapScaler actor.

Only some light properties of static/stationary lights (including SkyLights, DirectionalLights, etc.) will require the need of the native support. Depending on the configuration, the MapScaler will state whether a plugin is required or not in the "Native support" field/property in the details panel.

In order to active the native support, you only have to install the native plugin. Once installed, the MapScaler will print out the running version.

Note: The native plugin is not interchangeable throughout engine versions / editor builds. Every time the editor is updated, the MapScaler plugin has to be updated.

The native plugin can be found here.


The MapScaler has several different options to configure the scaling, what type of objects are scaled, what properties should be scaled or simply check some data stats. You can find these options in the details tab while having the MapScaler selected.

Each time any property is changed, the MapScaler will check the map, process some data and stores it into the local storage. This is used for various features after having scaled a map or undo the scaling. Due to this mechanism, changing various properties may take time depending on the size / actor count of the map.

Check the MapScaler_Readme.txt for more information.


Preview Undo

Dynamic undo update
Preview dynamic undo update

Store/Restore selection
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Scale selection + Override pivot
Preview scale selection